Monday, January 17, 2011

Quotable Kids

The boys had me rolling with laughter all weekend. Here are some of my favorite quotes out of their mouths this weekend.

On Friday, we sat at Godfather's Pizza eating some of the best pizza ever. Dane wanted to cut his pizza because he thought it was too hot but I told him to blow on it and eat it with his hands like you should when you eat pizza. I then look over to see Dylan eating on the top off his pizza and it was seriously just gross.  I began to insist that I cut his pizza if the alternative was for him to eat the topping only. I know this seems seriously flawed from a distance but I don't treat my kids the same because they are very different and have their own challenges to overcome so it is my job to push them to step outside their box. Dylan was not about to have his mom cut his food - it was just too insulting and he let me know it.  And then came the first quotable moment of the weekend.

Dane looks at Dylan and says, "Dylan, she doesn't want to die thinking her sons are too full of themselves."

Later this same night we drove all over town visiting Springfield and enjoying the familiarity of it all.  We stopped in at the Brown Derby International Wine Center and stayed for over 30 minutes.  I was wishing I had started my Christmas shopping in that store because they have the best gifts from humor to gourmet food to an amazing assortment of liquor.   As we were getting close to leave and what really became my cue to leave was Dylan's quotable moment of the evening. 

"Everything looks so good in here. I can see myself drinking all this stuff when I'm older." 

The next day Dylan was sitting with Dane and his cousin Tina doing whatever they do when they are together and all of a sudden I hear this outburst come out of Dylan's mouth.

"No one believes me. Why does everyone argue with me when I'm always right!"  

Of course the best part was when Randy's step-mom without missing a beat says, "You sound just like your Dad."

After opening presents and being genuinely excited about what they got Dylan looked around to see if there were any more presents to open.  He asked, "Are there any more presents to open?"  When I said no he responded in such a fun tone.

"Well, this is good enough. Yeah, this is good enough." And dove into playing with his new stuff.

And lastly, this was so funny and disturbing.  Randy's cousin got up to talk to everyone present and began to speak from the heart. As he began talking he said, "I get these thoughts...." and before he could finish his sentence Dylan turned his head to look right at him and asked...

"of suicide?"

Linda is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, writer, nonprofit starter, God seeking, thirty-something woman striving to live a life worth sharing.  She is married to her high school sweetheart, Randy, and has two sons Dane, age 11 and and Dylan, age 8. Linda's youngest son passed away when he was two months old from complications of prematurity.  Linda started a nonprofit organization called Its No Monkey Business, providing gift baskets and mom-to-mom advice for families with newborns in neonatal intensive care units in Arkansas and Missouri. Linda also created a support group for parents raising an ADHD child in northwest Arkansas. She enjoys spending time honing her skills in photography, scrapbooking and writing. Linda's son, Dylan, keeps her on her toes with his shenanigans from having attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and the inspiration for many of her writing topics. Her blog is The Boys & Me.


  1. Dylan sounds like a handful! But, also a lot of fun :)

  2. Oh I feel for you! My daughter Christina would ask every time we got in the car to go somewhere "Do you think we are going to get killed in a car wreck today?" Talk about giving you the creepies! Thanks for the flashback article. I just love kids! Glad it has been 15 years for us and so far so good!