Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Coordinating Calendars

Hello Ladies!
I have recently seen a few gatherings around the state of bloggers and I totally missed out. Now, I love a party so let's all get on the same page, well, calendar so no one will miss out on opportunities to meet fellow Arkansas Women Bloggers.

Please submit any events you are planning or know of via email to You can send my engraved invitation to The Park Wife. I promise to RSVP.

Also, we would like to organize some type of gathering this Fall. If you are interested in helping organize or even attending, please let me know. We all know that organizing something around Razorback football and holidays is such a simple task.

Have a wonderful week and remember, if you would like us to post one of your blog posts, send us the link!

Arkansas Women Bloggers Team


  1. I would love to attend. I LOVE blogging but only do it for myself. I don't have any followers or advertize on my blog. I am so new to it that I have no idea how others have such cute blog headers, so many followers. I have even heard people actually make money blogging. Count me in!

  2. I'd love to attend something this fall! :)