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A real Arkansas post from Jenna at Life on the Cirlce T Ranch

So Josh From Joshland, one of my favorite blog reads asked me a question!!! yay! His exact question was. "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? What is your favorite part of living in Arkansas?"

Well Josh, it's funny you ask that because I'm a master at tongue twisters.. "A woodchuck would chuck all the wood he could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood"

But seriously, he totally opened up a HUGE topic when he asked what my favorite part about living in Arkansas is... I could go on an on for days!!

My Favorite part of living in Arkansas Has to be the BEAUTIFUL outdoor life that our state has. I could sit outside and stare a God's beautiful earth for hours on end in any part of Arkansas. Arkansas isn't called the Natural State for nothing! We have Mountains, River Valley plains, Rivers, Lakes, lots of old towns that hold so much history, it's just amazing. We have horse races, natural hot springs, caverns, a diamond mine, and Tons more! If you are an outdoor sports lover, Arkansas is your paradise!

Arkansas has beautiful weather, plenty of wild animals, and tons of recreation. I love how Arkansas offers both the Country feel along with the City life with Little Rock being our largest town. I'm totally mad at myself now because this weekend I was down town in Little Rock and it was Beautiful and I didn't take any photos at all. I was also in the Ouachita Mountains Saturday and should've taken photos of the sunset and the mountains. But I didn't.

Just to give you a little bit of Arkansas Facts: Our rich Mississippi River Valley Makes us one of the Largest rice producers in the world! We are also the largest Poultry producers in the US. Arkansas Has the worlds only public Diamond Mine. Arkansas is also the Duck Capitol of the world, with Stuttgart Arkansas being the Duck Capitol of Arkansas. And produces half of the worlds Bauxite, which makes aluminum.

I think this post calls for some more Photos! I got these photos from Please, go visit the website and browse around at all our state has to offer, the list goes on and on! Be careful though, you might just want to come visit us!

Benton's Courthouse at Christmas

Waterfall at Devil's Den

Devil's Den Caverns

The Ozark Mountains

My back yard on the Saline River (photo courtesy of Me)

Floating the Buffalo River

Fishing on Millwood Lake

Mt. Nebo

Razorback Stadium

Horse Races at Hot Springs

Sunflower Field in East Arkansas
Rice Fields

And Last but not least, Sean's favorite hobby in the world, Duck hunting in East AR.

So I hope you all enjoyed reading about the Beautiful outdoors in my state of Arkansas! Thanks Josh for asking me what I loved the most about Arkansas! It was the perfect question!

Jenna, originally from Nashville, AR, now lives near the Banks of the Saline River on the Circle T Ranch in Benton Arkansas. Her husband Sean, steer wrestles in Rodeos all over the US and is missing October-January while Duck Season is open. Jenna loves to read, sleep, and take photos! One day she hopes to open her own photography studio, but for now she'll just keep her day job selling insurance for the family insurance company and selling Mary Kay Cosmetics. She has two Chocolate Children, Banjo and Birdie, who are her pride and joy. One day she hopes to have human children, but will stick with the Chocolate labs for now! She blogs at and loves to meet new people!

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  1. Jenna, thanks for posting so many beautiful photos. Did you take them? Mary Nida