Sunday, July 17, 2011

You might be a young mother if...

-the pinched nerve you feel in your neck is actually your necklace (you aren't used to wearing) pulling your neck hair.-you can pee in record time knowing any delay could result in catastrophe or death.
-every night (or morning or whenever) when you dry yourself off after a shower with your towel you think, "man I should wash these" and you've been saying that for a few weeks.
-pony tail holders, wide greasy-hair covering headbands and hats are your only accessories.
-throughout the day you either: wonder if you've ate enough to produce enough milk for the baby or admonish yourself for excessive overeating. (Usually sugar based foods.)
-days you have shaved legs you point it out to everyone.
-you choose 60 watt or less light bulbs not because you're environmentally friendly but because the lower light better hides all the dust and stains on the carpet.
-when a guest is coming over you light a [very strongly] scented candle and swish around the toilet with the scrubber so you can't see the ring.
-get a little baby pee on ya? Mehh, just get a baby wipe, dab the pee off and continue on your day.
-during the flight of the bumblebee routine when guests are on their way over, you realize you can't see well while cleaning because, well, the light is OFF and you were too distracted to notice at first.
-if you haven't decided tv is a complete waste of time and money (and tell everyone you meet how relieved you are that your family doesn't watch it) you are secretly excited when a NCIS marathon is on.
-baby wipes clean anything.
-granola bars and carnation instant breakfast are your best friends not because they are healthy or good, but because they can be grabbed in less than 20 seconds while running out the door to the running car.
-chocolate isn't a 'need', it's essential to life.

Heidi at
My life is so very much a white picket fence in major need of repair. I've hit the 30's, still married to my college sweetheart and have two boys; my older one born with William's Syndrome which makes everyone he meets fall in love with him and my younger one who is as sweet as sugar. I love music, photography, decorating although I never seem to have time to do any of it! Recently we decided to be gluten and casein free for health reasons which is a huge challenge of it's own and of which I am certainly NOT perfect. I'm an internet junkie, organic-eating hippie (when I can afford it!) and love to write my frustrations, heartaches and hilarity that my life so amply provides.


  1. I love it!...super real and love that sense of humor! Keep it up Heidi. No doubt we can relate to your blogs at one time or another! Hats off to a great mom and hugs to you! JVS

  2. Haha this is so hilarious!! Even though I think your house always looks lovely! So you had me fooled :) Love it, keep up the blogging! :)

  3. You are so funny , we all feel with you and also laugh with you. I love reading you !!!!!

  4. Thanks!! :) I had no trouble writing that, lol, it's funny how crazy mom moments just happen all the time!

  5. Awesome. You have a special way of writing that allows so many to relate as well as be entertained! Very funny!!

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  7. Lol this made me laugh... very true! :)

  8. This brought be back a few years, and I can totally relate! I love your style of writing and how you make me feel what you are saying! You are very talented! XOXO slc

  9. For me you might be a young mother if you still care about your style and if you still care about the accessories you are wearing :) For me there is nothing that changes your look into the better like luxury watches do :P I love them and I can't just get enough :)