Thursday, July 8, 2010

Coke in My Baby's Sippy Cup

You have always heard pick your battles. But when it comes to flying, anything goes. When I step foot on an airplane, my mission is to keep my 4 little ones happy. If they are happy, I am happy. And if they are happy, everyone else on that plane will be happy too. Ever been on a plane when there is a little one not happy?

Before we had kids, I vividly remember my husband putting his fingers in his ears because a child was screaming behind his seat. And on our last flight, we saw a child throw a huge fit and he finally calmed when we found a toy car out of my son's bag and handed to the boy. This could be another post. What could stop a meltdown? candy, bribes, new toys, stickers, juice. Whatever it is, have it with you and have lots of it with you. That is why my airplane diaper bag/back pack weighs 20 pounds!

Yes, I know kids will throw fits. Mine do all of the time but I work my rear off to keep them quiet on the plane. If your kid is having a melt down, don't just sit there: stand on your head and get that kid to be quiet so he doesn't freak my kids out and make them start crying.

So yes, my toddler drinks coke out of his sippy cup on airplanes. Don't stare at me and think I am a bad mom. It is not my kid screaming, my kid is happy. He may have cavities but he is quiet and happy and I know that makes you happy too!

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  1. Luckily, sippy cups haven't been banned by the TSA!! They would have a huge contingent of mothers storming the security area.