Thursday, July 7, 2011

Arkansas State Parks License Plate

Hello Ladies, The Park Wife here. We need a little help to make a great idea become reality.
For years, people have asked why Arkansas State Parks doesn't have it's own vehicle license plate. Well, the first step, Act 292 (legislation required to move forward) has been passed. Woohoo!

Act 292 states that "The fee shall be deposited into a cash fund to be used by the Department of Parks and Tourism for the following purposes:  (i) Sponsoring college scholarships related to the field of conservation; and  (ii) Providing conservation education programs.  Supporting Arkansas State Parks and education, what a deal. Plus, the fee for the tag will only be $25 (over your regular tax payment based on Department of Motor Vehicle and DF&A requirements).   

This plate will demonstrate your support for the unique beauty and critical importance of the amazing 52 state parks in the natural state. How cool is that?

Now, the next step:
This legislation requires proof that Arkansans are really interested in having these plates. So, we have to get a petition signed and yes, they want your tag number to show that you are actually eligible to purchase one. By law, the petition has to be viewable. We got permission to use an online petition and it does show your plate number and name (your email address is hidden if you choose, recommended).   

So that's the story, as soon as we get this petition done we can get the plate designed. If you like the design, you can get one, if not, they expect to have a new design next year. Please share this with your friends so we can get this done.  Vote Here: Arkansas State Park License Plate Petition. Go do it now, yes now, I know how busy we all are, let's not put this off.

I appreciate everyone hopping on board and supporting YOUR Arkansas State Parks.
The Park Wife

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