Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shameless Plug for The Park Wife

The Park Wife got to hang out with a New York Times food writer even though I am not a great cook!

It was a hot day in Arkansas watermelon fields, but I got to watch a professional at work.  I was in awe of Kim Severson's journalistic ability from writing and uploading a story in a 30 minute time that would be printed in THE NEW YORK TIMES to listening to her exceptional interviewing skills. The biggest lesson of the day, oh my goodness, you have to watch what you say to big city reporters. See, I found out that when you rant about peddlers who sell produce at a farmers' market trying to pass it off as Arkansas grown and produce that is heavily sprayed with cancer causing chemicals that you refuse to use, you should choose your words wisely or you could be labeled as someone who hates hypocrites. Read the article to understand that. Everyone that knows me knows that is so far off.

So, go check out this article that mentions The Park Wife!

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