Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We Want MORE!!!

Hello Women Bloggers of Arkansas! I wanted to take a moment to let you know about some changes going on here at Arkansas Women Bloggers.

As you know, a few months ago, Stephanie of http://theparkwife.blogspot.com/ started Arkansas Women Bloggers with the intention of uniting women across the state. We have had 86 Women Bloggers join us so far and we are continuing to grow slowly but surely. Stephanie is amazing and is involved in a lot of different projects (just read her blog!) and recently asked myself (Julie of http://www.eggsandherbs.com) and Fawn of http://insteadofthedishes.wordpress.com/ to help her out with the site.

Likely the only change you will notice as a reader is MORE POSTS! We feel that in order to grow this site it is important to keep it updated and growing. We hope to feature more and more members and in turn increase traffic not only this site but to our members sites as well!

So where do you come in? We need you to submit ideas and posts! We would love to have ALL OF YOU write for us! You can write something original or send us a link to a post you previously placed on your own blog and we will republish it here. If you are not comfortable having a post on here, you are also welcome to submit ideas of the types of stories you would be interested in seeing on here. We are pretty laid back here. Don't let the fear of grammar or spelling keep you from posting! I can only imagine how many red marks I would see if an English teacher got a hold of my posts!

I know that several of our readers emailed us early on about posting. I have tried to make sure all of you were contacted but if you were overlooked, please let us know. If you didn't express you interest before but would like to now, we would love to post your material! You can leave a comment with an email address so we can contact you back or you can email us directly at arkansasblogger@gmail.com. Have a wonderful day, and who knows, maybe YOU will be our next featured writer!

P.S. Don't forget to tell all your friends about arkansaswomenbloggers.blogspot.com

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